Planning Area Survey



Places2040 is a plan for Lancaster County’s future, and it focuses on 5 big ideas and 26 policies that highlight “what we need to do differently” to create the county we all want to see in 2040. Now that we’ve set some countywide priorities, we’d like to know which of these priorities you want to emphasize in your area of Lancaster County.

 To do that, we’ve divided the county into six “planning areas.” These areas follow municipal boundaries – except for the Metro area, which includes Lancaster City and the suburban parts of adjacent townships. If you’re not sure which area you live in, you’ll find more information at the bottom of this page.


To start the survey, click the blue button for the part of the county where you live. All of the buttons take you to the same survey, but knowing where you live will help us tally the results from each planning area.

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Northwest         Metro            Northeast

West                     South            East




Generally speaking, the following townships and boroughs are included in each planning area. All of Lancaster City and adjacent suburban areas are in the Metro planning area.


All of Conoy, East Donegal, Elizabethtown, Manheim Borough, Marietta, Mount Joy Borough, Mount Joy Township, Penn, Rapho, and West Donegal. Also includes rural parts of East Hempfield (north of Amtrak) and West Hempfield (outside Columbia and north of Farmdale/Silver Spring).


All of Adamstown, Akron, Clay, Denver, East Cocalico, Elizabeth, Ephrata Borough, Ephrata Township, Lititz, Warwick, and West Cocalico. Also includes suburban part of West Earl (Brownstown area), and rural part of Manheim Township (Oregon area).


All of Columbia, East Petersburg, Lancaster City, Lancaster Township, Millersville, Mountville, and Upper Leacock. Also includes suburban parts of: East Hempfield, East Lampeter, Manheim Township, Manor, Pequea (Willow Street area), West Hempfield, and West Lampeter.


All of Conestoga Township. Also includes rural parts of Manor, Pequea, and West Hempfield.


All of Brecknock, Caernarvon, Earl, East Earl, Leacock, New Holland, Paradise, Salisbury, Strasburg Borough, Strasburg Township, Terre Hill, and Upper Leacock. Also includes rural parts of: East Lampeter, West Earl (everything but Brownstown), and West Lampeter.


All of Bart, Christiana, Colerain, Drumore, East Drumore, Eden, Fulton, Little Britain, Martic, Providence, Quarryville, and Sadsbury.