We all have places that we love to be in, while some other places need a little TLC.

But we care about them both!

places we care about is about celebrating the places in Lancaster County you love,
and brainstorming how you'd make the other places better.

Share your photos and help us spread the word about the places you care about!

here's how it works:

1. Print out the sign or display it on your phone (click on the images to the right to download)
2. Take photos of yourself anywhere in Lancaster County with your respective sign at the places you LOVE or want to MAKE BETTER
3. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with:

  • The name of the place you care about
  • Why you love it or how you'd make it better
  • Tag us at @places2040
  • Use the hashtags #PlacesWeCareAbout #places2040 #LancasterPA
    (Alternatively, upload your photo here.)

4. Stay tuned to places2040 online as we share your photos with the county!

Need an idea of what we mean by "place"? Look no further!


Note: By submitting your photos, you release them to LCPC for future use in print and digital publications.