Partners for Place





Partners for Place are more than 20 regional, countywide, and city organizations and agencies that played a leadership role in guiding places2040. The Lancaster County Planning Commission involved them in the process because their work is closely related to the topics in the plan, and because they had the resources to contribute directly to this effort. Over the course of three years, they met regularly to reflect on the plan’s direction and to build awareness, educate, and engage the public. After the expected adoption of the plan, they will help to implement its 5 big ideas, 26 policies, and 7 catalytic tools & strategies.

Below are some video vignettes focusing on a few of our partners. In these videos, the participants explain what places2040 means to them and their organization. These vignettes were created during the planning process for places2040. [Note: The last partner listed – Lancaster Clean Water Partners – does not have a video, because they joined us after the videos were created.]



“One of the things we look at from our perspective in our industry is how we’re going to meet housing needs in the future. When we look at that, we’re going to look for higher density developments in particular areas, so that we don’t sprawl and spread out.”  - Jay Provanzo

"It’s important for the Coalition for Smart Growth of Lancaster County to be part of places2040 because what we're trying to do is to educate people, to advocate for Lancaster County – for a place that we all love, a place that we all know, that we all want to keep."  - Bob Shenk 

"We’re really about keeping Lancaster vibrant in the future, so if we attract some people for a visit, and then they decide they might like to live here or open a new business here, that’s great for everybody."  - Joel Cliff

"The places2040 process is really important to the long-term economic vitality of Lancaster County. That’s really core to our business and mission at EDC, which is to train and attract businesses here. We need to have great quality of life, we need to have a trained workforce... and all that requires thought and planning."  - Lisa Riggs

"The job can’t be done just through our organization alone... And if we think just in terms of preserving buildings, we lose so much. It’s not just about that. Growth and preservation and conservation are all in the same vein with one another."  - Gary Klinger

"I’ve been very impressed with the job that the Lancaster County Planning Commission has done in engaging the entire community, and helping to develop this plan."  - Carol Phillips

"Whenever I go out of town, and somebody asks me where I’m from, I say I’m from Lancaster County... The more I think that we can get residents appreciating the fact that we’re a county of one, the better off I think we’ll all be, and the easier it will be to plan our collective future." - Tom Baldrige

"All of our vital systems, from housing to transportation to law enforcement, depend on collaboration and working together. Those needs need to transcend any boundaries if we’re going to continue to be a thriving community."  - Shelby Nauman

"People are becoming more concerned about where their food comes from, and it gives us an opportunity as farmers to showcase where it does come from, so that there’s a true understanding and a closer dialogue between consumers and producers."  - Rob Barley

"We need to address the issue of affordable housing and really get together to get affordable housing across all price points, to give options to all consumers when they come to live in Lancaster County." 
- Gretchen Karr

"The Lancaster County Community Foundation really works toward enhancing and ensuring that all Lancaster County residents enjoy an extraordinary life... As a Latina professional in Lancaster County, I really feel that we are evolving, and moving in the right direction in terms of embracing diversity."  - Fran Rodriguez

"Good planning requires us to create higher density housing and development, and then to set aside land and protect it for the animals and for the humans to go experience nature."  - Phil Wenger

"Farmland is what we know about Lancaster County. It provides the quality of life that we all cherish and enjoy. Ensuring that our farms and our farmers remain viable is going to be critical to the overall economic aspect of Lancaster County, as well as the quality of life."  - Jeff Swinehart

"We need to continue to have a diverse business community and a place where everyone is welcome. When you think about the success of places2040, I think we really need to look at those things that make us great, but don’t stop there - let’s continue to look for ways to be greater than we are today." - Cathy Rychalsky

"We need to think about building places people live, work, play, go to school, all in the same area, and then making sure we have the infrastructure so that people feel safe walking around." - Brenda Buescher

"places2040 is all about the future. It’s all about what we as the community aspire to be. So when we’re talking about housing, we’re talking about the foundation of a great community."  - Ray D'Agostino


"We’re a regional organization, and being focused on quality of life and economic development through heritage and outdoor tourism, we want to ensure that our goals are reflected in places2040... We would be an implementer of initiatives to advance the goals of the plan."  - Mark Platts


"Lancaster wants to be the success story for clean and clear water. That requires a collaborative plan like places2040, which represents and encourages the collective effort among all partners working to improve the quality of streams across the county."- Allyson Ladley Gibson