Leadership Lancaster

Guest blog post by Mark Huber, Senior Countywide Planner at LCPC. Mark helped to facilitate discussions about land-use planning at Leadership Lancaster.

Last Friday, January 8th, several Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) staff participated in the Public Policy and Economic Development session of the Leadership Lancaster program at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. 

Leadership Lancaster is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to identify existing and emerging leaders and prepare them for roles in shaping the future of Lancaster County. Participants in Leadership Lancaster participate in 12 sessions covering a wide range of topics, including education, public policy, economic development, law & justice, arts and health and human services.


This session was designed for program participants to gain insight into how the local political process works, explore ways to become more involved in local government issues, and to learn more about the current and future economic climate of Lancaster County.

LCPC Executive Director James Cowhey presented a brief overview of County Planning to the group. LCPC staff also helped conduct a Land Use Planning Exercise, in which participants created a community plan and then presented it to a mock planning commission.

During the afternoon session, Scott Standish, LCPC Countywide Division Director, provided an overview of the places2040 comprehensive plan update process and encouraged individuals to get involved in the planning process. Afterwards the group participated in a series of civic engagement exercises to provide public input for the plan. This included the “Live, Work, Play” exercise and the “Love It/Make it Better” exercise, in which participants placed stickers on maps of the county to show their top destinations, and places that they think need improvement in some way.

Tell us places you love in Lancaster County, and places that you want to make better, using our interactive online survey! Visit places2040.metroquest.com to do these map activities and more until February 2.