Discover Lancaster - Featured Partner for Place

places2040 has 17 Partners for Place - community organizations that are committed to planning for a better future for Lancaster County. Why do they care about places2040? Joel Cliff from Discover Lancaster tells us how planning and tourism work together in Lancaster County.

What is the mission of your organization, and in what ways do you work towards that mission?

Discover Lancaster’s mission is to stimulate economic growth throughout Lancaster County by attracting visitors and inspiring them to discover our unique destination.  We do this through website activity, e-marketing and social media outreach, sales efforts, visitor center visitation, and PR initiatives.

Why do you care about land-use planning in Lancaster County? How is it relevant to your organization?

Lancaster’s beauty and sense of place is what draws many of our visitors here, so we want to encourage and collaborate in purposeful planning that ensures those special qualities remain.

What is your vision for Lancaster County in 2040 as it relates to your organization’s industry? What are some of the barriers and possible solutions to reaching that vision?

We hope for a destination that has continued to broaden its appeal to additional visitors, bringing people here not only for the Amish, outlets, and PA Dutch dining, but also for our vibrant downtown, wonderful family attractions, the arts & entertainment, varied culinary & brew/wine experiences, outdoor recreation, and walkable towns & villages.  Though we’ve already started, it will take more time to get both local businesses and visitors to all “row in the same direction” and get used to visualizing additional images & ideas when they think of Lancaster, but we feel very confident this expanded brand will be beneficial in the long term for tourism and the area economy as a whole.

How can people get more involved in your organization?

They can find out more about what we’re doing and great things to see & do locally at, as well as learn about membership in our organization, whether they have a direct connection to tourism or not.  

In the end, we can all be “brand ambassadors” for Lancaster tourism, sharing all the area’s great offerings with family, friends, and beyond!