This is places2040.

Welcome to the official home of places2040! We're really glad you're here.


In its final form, places2040 will eventually be a countywide comprehensive plan and vision for how we as the community want Lancaster to look and feel by the year 2040. But first, we need to hear from you about your priorities for the future in Lancaster County, and what places matter to you. Over the next year, we'll be having a series of conversations to determine these priorities. Once we do so, we can begin to figure out how to approach them, and create an action plan for the future. 

On November 4th, we'll be having an event to kickoff the start of the plan. We'll also be launching an online, interactive survey that will allow you to prioritize what issues matter to you, mark on a map the places you love and the places that need work, and choose photos of communities that look best to you. It's really important that you take this survey, because it will be one of the major contributing pieces to the final plan.  

We want this process to be very open and collaborative among everyone involved. After all, we're all in this community together, and none of us can do it alone!  To be clear, while this planning process is being lead by LCPC, this is the community's plan, and we really want it to be the most accurate representation of the county as possible. But to make that happen, we need your input! 


We can't wait to hear what you think.