Static Maps (Pdf)

This map is a conceptual graphic that illustrates many of the big ideas and policies in places2040. Key elements on the map include character zones (broad categories that reflect different land-use patterns in Lancaster County) and priority places (communities, corridors, and landscapes that residents said should be our focus for the next several years). This map is not intended to guide specific land-use decisions at the local level. Instead, it’s a framework for the Lancaster County we all want to see in 2040.

interactive maps

This map helps you understand Lancaster County’s character zones – broad categories reflecting different land-use patterns. It’s an educational tool, not a precise analysis of how individual properties are being used today or might be used in the future. Click the tabs, title box for each zone, and blue “hotlinks” for more information. Use the plus, minus, and home buttons to zoom in, zoom out, or return to the home (countywide) view. Click and hold the left mouse button to pan the map (slide it back and forth).

This map identifies proposals on the agenda for the upcoming Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) meeting. The map is updated about 1 week prior to each LCPC meeting, which typically occurs on the 2nd or 4th Monday of the month. Highlighted features on the map include community planning reviews and subdivision & land development plan proposals. Click any highlighted feature to open a short summary of that proposal and a link to the full review.