how are we approaching this effort?


Great places are places that people write home about.

They’re attractive environments that encourage interaction, create a sense of belonging, and spark creativity and investment. All of us can think of a few places like that. It might be our hometown, or a favorite destination. We often describe these places as having great community character.

Some places, such as the Susquehanna Riverlands, are considered great places due to their natural beauty. Others acquire the qualities of a great place over time, through the interaction of people and their surroundings. The Lancaster County agricultural landscape is an example of that process.


In recent decades, however, 
we’ve also created a lot of places without that kind of character.

Consider the following places. Where would you rather spend your time?

The art of creating and sustaining great places is called placemaking – and it happens from the ground up,
by the people who live, work, and play there. 

Placemaking is turning a place you can’t wait to get through into one you never want to leave.
— Fred Kent

We want to transform ordinary spaces into unique places.

How do we protect the great places in our community,  and transform the ordinary ones into places we’re proud of? We'll be asking you how you'd make places better, and sharing our ideas for ways that we can use placemaking to do so.