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We believe that Lancaster County is a special place. We also know that great places don't just happen.


Our purpose

To ensure that Lancaster County remains a special place in the future.

Our vision

To be the leader and catalyst for innovative planning and placemaking in Lancaster County.

Our mission

Facilitate inclusive dialogue, create shared visions and plans, and help communities achieve results.


Lancaster County is constantly changing, and you might sometimes wonder if anyone is keeping track of all of these changes to ensure that Lancaster County remains a great place.

That's what we do at the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

At LCPC, our job is to raise awareness about what makes the county special, educate people about what’s ahead, and work with you to set some common goals. We’re a staff of professional planners guided by a board of citizen volunteers, and it’s our goal to serve as a leader and catalyst for innovative planning and placemaking in Lancaster County.



a legacy of planning

LCPC has been working to improve quality of life here since the 1950s — 
and we’ve always counted on local residents to help us set the agenda.

1950s - 1970s

LCPC was created in 1958, at a time when Lancaster Countians welcomed suburban development, but were unsure about its impact. Throughout the 1960s, LCPC produced a series of background studies that led to the
Sketch Plan (1970), the first effort to outline a set of countywide goals. Five years later, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners officially adopted the county’s first comprehensive plan, called Directions (1975).

1980s - 2000s

As the pace of development increased, Lancaster County residents became increasingly concerned about traffic congestion and the loss of agricultural land. In response, LCPC produced the county’s first growth management plan in 1991. That plan called on municipalities to adopt urban growth boundaries — and within a few years, they became a reality.
Despite the success of this strategy, ongoing concerns about sprawl prompted LCPC to develop a new comprehensive plan called Envision Lancaster County. This plan dealt with growth management and policy relating to housing, green infrastructure, water resources, transportation, cultural heritage, and tourism.




places2040 is the community's vision and plan
for the future of Lancaster County, PA.

Want to learn more about what a comprehensive plan is and why we need one?