2018 LCPC Annual Report (Working Draft)

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Thinking Beyond Boundaries

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Scott Haverstick

Chairman, Lancaster County Planning Commission

2018 Project Highlights

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• Places2040 Completion and Adoption

• Lancaster Active Transportation Plan

• Lancaster’s Strategy for Restoring Our Local

Waterways (Lancaster County’s local plan for

PA’s Watershed Implementation Plan - WIP III)

• Transportation Improvement Program


• LCPC Transportation Data Collection Program

Local and Regional (see Map)

Transportation Projects

• Routes 283/230 Corridor Study

Smart Growth Transportation

Program Funding

• Water Street Bicycle Boulevard (City of


• Complete Streets Implementation Guide

(Mount Joy Borough)

• Leola Core Area Main Street Sidewalk

Improvements (Upper Leacock Township)

• Intercourse Village Traffic Safety & Mobility

Project (Leacock Township)

Comprehensive Plan

• Akron Borough

Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plans

• West Cocalico Township

• Upper Leacock Township

Zoning Ordinance Updates

• Ephrata Borough

• Mountville Borough

• Terre Hill Borough

• Colerain Township

• Providence Township

Trail Development

• Enola Low Grade Trial

• Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail (WERT)

• LCPC Planning Partners Education Program /

Public Outreach

• Community Planning Tools

$$ Community Planning Tool #1 – Tiny Homes

$$ Community Planning Tool #2 – Short-Term

Rental Regulation



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Facilitating inclusive dialogue

LCPC works with planning partners including municipalities, nonprofit

organizations, government agencies, and community stakeholders to ensure

full participation in planning at the county, regional, and local level.

Creating shared visions & plans

LCPC strives to create comprehensive plan elements which reflect

the interests of the community. LCPC also works with municipalities

to develop regional and local plans.

Helping communities

achieve results

Through a professional staff experienced in many aspects of planning, LCPC

works with planning partners and local communities to develop, fund, and

implement strategies for achieving results at the local level.



300x300_Final_cover_places2040com_20181024 (002) Oct 26 2018.png

The 3-year process to develop the new county comprehensive plan, places2040 ended in 2018 with the adoption of the plan by the Lancaster County Commissioners. During development of this plan over 8,000 voices spoke up and offered their input – far more than any similar process that LCPC has coordinated during its 60-year existence. Participants included county residents, local governments, targeted stakeholders, technical advisors, LCPC members and staff, and our 20 plus Partners for Place – those organizations with a countywide or citywide focus. Over the course of 3 years, LCPC staff made places2040 presentations to over 100 groups in at least 50 different locations throughoutthe county. LCPC also sponsored two events featuring nationally recognized speakers. Using this community input and related analysis, LCPC staff developed the plan as a roadmap to the future of Lancaster County, and it’s a future that county residents defined for themselves. It provides a framework for all of us – the public, private, and nonprofit sectors – to make better decisions about our future, and to make them from a countywide perspective.